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Adding a WordPress Slideshow to Any Page with the Portfolio Slideshow Plugin
Adding a WordPress Slideshow to Any Page with the Portfolio Slideshow Plugin
By Compete Now In All, Tutorials, Wordpress Tutorials Posted September 26, 2012 2 Comments

Many businesses rely on a variety of photos to showcase their work to entice potential customers to choose them over the dozens of other competitors fighting for their business. Knowing this, it’s very important to present the photos on your website in a efficient and aesthetically pleasing way.  In the past, we have demoed some great slideshow plugins in but this one takes the cake because:

  • It offers a variety of styling options where you chose whether or not you want to display thumbnails below the slideshow
  • It works on all browsers and smart phones
  • It’s very easy to add dozens of photos to the slideshow

To learn how to use this wordpress slideshow plugin on your website, check out this video:

Table of Contents:

  • Add the plugin: 1:04
  • Configure settings: 1:49
  • Copy a shortcode for the page: 3:55
  • Add a slideshow to a page: 4:48
  • Adding photos to the slideshow: 5:00
  • Add the shortcode to the page: 5:54
  • Adjusting settings to make it look the way you want: 6:44

Search “Portfolio Slideshow” to download.

For more features, check out the Pro Version!

  • Riyan
    12:28 - 10 January, 2013 / Reply

    I am a beginner. I thought it was very nice presentation. It works nicely slideshow for me to put in the single page. But when I put the page into wordpress 3.5 responsive themes home page to replace the responsive photos by linker. The slideshow still works, but the photos just switch only one time, and stop to change. Could you have any idea to make slides continuing to switch?
    Thank you!


    1. Compete Now
      12:49 - 21 January, 2013 / Reply

      Hey Ryan, I would browse through the settings for an option that will allow this. If there doesn’t appear to be anything, would be best to contact the plugin author directly.

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