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How to Add Tables to WordPress with Images and Links
How to Add Tables to WordPress with Images and Links
By Compete Now In All, Tutorials, Wordpress Tutorials Posted January 30, 2013 0 Comments

Tables can be a great way to organize all kinds of content throughout your website in a very efficient and aesthetically pleasing way. The problem is that while using wordpress, it isn’t always easy to add such tables without knowing a little bit of HTML and the proper plugins. The good news is that there is a plugin out there for those of us who want to add tables without becoming a website programmer. In this tutorial, I will demonstrate how to add tables with images and links without needing to know any HTML.

Table of Contents:

  • Install the plugin: 0:30
  • Add your first table: 1:25
  • Adding a table to a page: 3:00
  • Adjusting settings on the table for better appearance: 3:55
  • Adding an image to a cell: 6:18
  • Linking an image within the table: 8:30
  • Linking Text in a Table: 10:20
  • Making text bold and/or italic: 11:12

Search “Tablepress” or download here:

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