Adding Testimonials with WP-Testimonials Plugin | WordPress Tutorial

In this WordPress video tutorial, I will demonstrate how to Add Testimonials Throughout Your WordPress Site with WP-Testimonials Plugin. They will also appear in the sidebars of your site if you like.

Table of Contents:

  • Why this plugin is useful and better than just typing them: 0:40
  • Installing the plugin that you need: 1:29
  • Adding Testimonials: 2:41
  • Choosing the order of the testimonials: 5:35
  • Adding the testimonials to a page with shortcode: 8:51
  • Adding random testimonials to your sidebars: 9:47
  • Changing settings for your testimonials: 10:49

Click here for the shortcode.

Download the WP-Testimonials plugin here: or search WP-Testimonials.