Our Favorite Law Firm Website Examples

The law firm website examples we’ve compiled swiftly engage users and instill a sense of trust within seconds. When we develop websites for law firms, each design is different in order to suit the unique branding and personality of every firm. However, there are elements we recommend that every law firm implements in their web design to showcase professionalism and to stand out among competitors. 

We have been in business for over a decade and in that time we have designed over 200 websites across every industry. Clients come to us for user-friendly websites that convey their message and engage customers. Learn more about our web design process by booking a call with us! In the meantime, read about our favorite elements through our law firm website examples below.

Using Strong Branding

Many businesses opt for a basic or free website template, however, the downfall of a template is the lack of flexibility with branding. Your website should feature a font and color scheme that matches your firm’s logo. According to a study done by Vistaprint, 50% [of users] say they are much more likely to use a company whose logo they easily recognize, so you want your branding to stand out and leave an impression.

For instance, on the website we designed for Kazarian Law (pictured above), their logo and branding color palette is immediately noticeable. The burgundy from their logo is found on banners, headers, and drop-down menus, making it clear that it is a reputable website.

Writing Resourceful Blogs

When law firms offer relevant resources to clients and those interested, they’re showing clients that they’re knowledgeable in their field, and care about their clients. A popular way to do this that’s common in our law firm website examples is with a dedicated blog. 

On the website we created for Konstantilakis Law, they have blog posts on a series of legal questions relating to divorce and bankruptcy law. This not only benefits clients who want to learn more but also benefits the firm’s SEO by increasing the keywords they’re targeting. When you go in-depth with a range of topics relevant to your industry by writing about them, you’re broadening your reach by appearing in more search results. We recommend doing keyword research on relevant, subtopics in the legal industry to find frequently-searched keywords that can help your website rank higher in search engines. This also provides readers with valuable information that can be shared and backlinked.

Creating Detailed Attorney Profile Layouts

One of the important things we consider when building a law firm website is the individual attorney profile pages. If a client is searching for a lawyer, they’ll most likely click on a search result that leads them directly to an attorney’s profile. With the amount of traffic that attorney profiles receive, those pages must be set up clearly.

For example, the web design we created for Cohn & Dussi is made to be easy to navigate and read. Therefore, when users are searching for important information on an attorney, like their affiliations, practice areas, experience, and more, they’ll have no problem.

Including Professional Photography

Users searching for an attorney want to feel as if they know the law firm and lawyer before they even contact them. You want to avoid using Google images when promoting your firm because it’s impersonal. Including professional photography of the office and staff helps instill that familiarity and trust. For the website we designed for Yunes Law below, we recommended adding professional photographs to invite clients into their firm’s welcoming environment.

Yunes Law didn’t have any recent company photos, so they hired a photographer to take updated images throughout the office that would add a level of professionalism to the website.

Explore Professional Law Firm Website Examples with Compete Now

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