Why & How WordPress Websites Get Hacked

The term “hack” has become synonymous with making something easier or a new way to do something. In reality and in the computer world, hacking is defined as using a computer to gain unauthorized access to data within a system. I bet you are wondering, well why would a hacker want to gain access to my website, I have nothing of value for them to hack. WordPress websites get hacked not because of what your business is selling, WordPress websites get hacked in order for said hacker to gain three very important tidbits of information.

Why Do Hacker’s Hack?

A primary reason someone may hack into a WordPress website is to send out spam email. By acquiring the mailing lists associated to your website, hackers can send out whatever they please to the people connected to your business and website. Another reason why someone may hack into a WordPress website is because not only do they want to spam your mailing list, they may also be looking for credit card information. Hackers can potentially rob whatever credit cards are connected to your website, which is not only problematic for your business, but also to all of your customers who are associated. A third reason revolves around said hacker wanting to gain access to your website and download malicious software onto your end user’s computer or even on your own site.

Why Do Hacker’s Prefer WordPress Websites?

The next logical question you may be wondering is why do hackers specifically target WordPress websites. The answer is quite simple. Popularity. Most hackers desire to take over a plethora of websites, and to do so they will target a platform that most people use for their website. Despite having high quality security, WordPress is an open source platform, which allows developers to design custom extensions and plugins. In turn, this can lead to security flaws, which allows hackers to potentially gain access into your website.

How do Hacker’s get into WordPress?

According to WordPress, 41% of WordPress websites get hacked through vulnerabilities in their hosting platform, 29% are hacked by means of an unsecure theme, and 22% due to a vulnerable plugin. It’s quite distressing that just under half of website hacks are due to hosting platforms being unsecure, which shows how important it is to choose a high-quality hosting provider. For website owners, it’s vital that you choose a hosting provider that’s specialized in running WordPress websites due to their knowledge in the WordPress design realm.

How Can I Ensure My Website is Maintained?

With all this talk of hackers breaking your website, I bet you’re wondering what you can do to prevent such a travesty. A great way to maintain your website on a daily basis is to install backup plugins such as BackupBuddy or Up Draft! Backup plugins are a great tool that quite literally backup your website in the event of a hack or any other website comprising occurrence.

Hackers are known to essentially automate their hacking procedures, which is a scary thought because as soon as your website is susceptible, they could jump. Why not make your website’s security as automated as the hackers trying to corrupt your website? At Compete Now, we offer a variety of website maintenance packages which provide your site with the highest quality of web security in the industry. We secure and optimize your website with routine WordPress updates, plugin updates, virus scans, malware checks, backup tests, and much more. Why risk having your website compromised, when you can ensure your business’ and your client’s security. To learn more about Compete Now and our maintenance packages, feel free to visit our website at www.startcompeting.com, or give us a call at 617-539-6528.