How Google AdWords can Help your Business

Google AdWords is a feature offered by Google which allows you to market your online presence in a way which helps you get found on Google’s search engine. AdWords enables your business to establish their online presence in a way that aids in driving traffic to your site, and by extension leads to more potential… Read more »

How to Add a Storefront to Your WordPress Website?

Adding a storefront to your website can be an extremely effective and logical way to sell your business’ products in an industrious and efficient manner. Storefront’s allow you to push your products to visitors of your website, allowing them to purchase online in a very simple way. Unfortunately, implementing a storefront, such as WooCommerce, is... Read more »

Comparing the different email marketing programs

Email Marketing is an integral part of consistently communicating with new and existing customers. Remaining in communication with clients is a great way to build credibility and trust for your business. With all the benefits of email marketing platforms, there are numerous platforms company’s can use to blast out these e mails to said customers…. Read more »

The Benefits of Having an Impressive Website

With winter quickly approaching, it is hard to fathom that 2017 is coming to end in just a few months. Believe it or not, 2017 has been a down year for businesses due to a variety of reasons (political, economic, environmental, etc.), and if you feel this statement encapsulates your business, you may want to… Read more »

Use Business Networking to Jumpstart Your Growth

Getting to know your colleagues is a must. As a business owner, you wear many hats. Even so, it’s important to make sure that you keep in touch with associates in the business world. Business networking groups have sprung up all over, thanks to popular apps like MeetUp. The point of all of these groups… Read more »

What are SSLs and why are they important?

Google is always changing its algorithms and regulations to ensure the safest web experience for all users. You may have noticed a little https:// at the beginning of your web address line. What does that little “s” mean? Why is it so important? That little “s” is key to the future of the web. Here’s… Read more »

Why WordPress is a Good Option for Your Business’ Website

WordPress is an open source content management system (CMS) for building professional websites; it is currently used by over 75 million sites. It is the particular choice of bloggers due to the ease of posting and the control over posting format. Over time, WordPress has evolved into a platform for creating beautiful and dynamic websites… Read more »

Importance of Tracking Numbers on your Website

Traditional marketers used to eye content marketers askance because digital marketing was so easy to track. Good news for traditional marketers- now we have call tracking numbers. A tracking number refers to different toll-free numbers on different marketing avenues to see which does best. A good call tracking company, like or, provides the software-as-a-service… Read more »

8 Sales Meeting Tips for Non Salespeople

As a business owner, you are all the parts of your business – bookkeeper, project manager, HR, and sales. Many entrepreneurs find sales to be the hardest part. It doesn’t need to be so daunting. There are a few points that are standard across the field of sales meetings, even client meetings of all kinds…. Read more »

Reporting with Google Analytics (2 of 2)

In our previous post, we talked about the nuts and bolts of Google Analytics; here we’re going to talk about what you can do with all of that raw data. There are many custom report templates available for download around the web as well as tutorials for making your own. What sort of things can… Read more »

Five Indicators That You Need a New Website

A website is the hub of all your marketing efforts for your business. Regardless of whether it is Google, Direct Mail, Social Media or anything else, chances are that your customers are going to end up on your website at some point. Once establishing your website, maintaining it is just as important. Often times, websites… Read more »