Web Accessibility Webinar What You Need To Know to Make Your Website ADA Compliant

Similar to having an accessible physical space, having an accessible website is becoming essential for small businesses as internet use expands further during the pandemic. In addition, website owners are being faced with demand letters and other complaints related to a lack of accessibility for the vision impaired. This webinar will focus on explaining the... Read more »

The Importance of Backup Plugins

  If you want to ensure that your website remains fully optimized and secure, backing up via plugins is the only way to go. Oftentimes, WordPress website users neglect backing up their website, which always leads to a plethora of issues for your site. Adding backup plugins to your website adds an extra layer of… Read more »

Tips for Making your Website Easier to Read

It’s the fourth quarter of the business year. Who would have guessed Thanksgiving would be here so quickly? We certainly wouldn’t, but here we are in the thick of November, waiting for New England to turn from autumn orange to winter white. As the seasons change and the year winds down, most business owners will… Read more »

Before and After Website Homepage Examples

In the corresponding video, Compete Now’s president Donato deep dives into a few client’s respective homepages and thoroughly analyzes each! He provides expert insight in terms of what was updated and improved on each website compared to the older version of their site. AEI Speakers - https://aeispeakers.com/ Before: Previous to a redesign, their site was... Read more »

The Benefits of Having an Impressive Website

With winter quickly approaching, it is hard to fathom that 2017 is coming to end in just a few months. Believe it or not, 2017 has been a down year for businesses due to a variety of reasons (political, economic, environmental, etc.), and if you feel this statement encapsulates your business, you may want to… Read more »

The Pro’s and Con’s of Web Design Builders

Having a website in today’s day and age is absolutely crucial for your business. Obviously, getting a website for your business is no small task, so oftentimes business owners will be confused as to where to turn next. They’ll likely Google web design platforms and attempt to figure out which service works best with their… Read more »

Explaining Common Web Design Jargon – 15 Terms To Know

1. Search Engine Optimization Commonly referred to as simply “SEO”, Search Engine Optimization is the process of getting traffic from the organic results on search engines such as Google by utilizing many strategies to get your website to rank better on Google search results.   2. Google Adwords/Pay Per Click Also known as Google AdWords,… Read more »