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Website Design for a Historic Restaurant, Catering Company

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Woodman's of Essex Upgrades Their Online Presence.

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What We Did

  • Custom WordPress website
  • Utilized existing branding
  • Optimized for all devices
  • Improved website navigation
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Woodman’s of Essex previously had an outdated website that was challenging to navigate, especially given their many offerings. On their newly custom designed website, it is easy to differentiate between the restaurant, catering, venue and event information and to find relevant details about each. In addition, visitors can shop in their online store and easily purchase seafood or other Woodman’s products. Woodman’s new website pays honor to their proud history and continued standard of excellence.

Fully Responsive

responsive website design for Woodman’s of Essex

Beautifully presented across all responsive devices

This website is mobile responsive, meaning that it is easy to use and aesthetically pleasing on both mobile and desktop.

Woodman's of Essex Website Walkthrough.

Woodman’s of Essex website before and after


Woodman’s of Essex website before and after


How to Add a Storefront to Your Website.

When we built a restaurant website for Woodman’s of Essex, they wanted to include a storefront to sell gift sets, apparel, and more. But adding a storefront feature to your website can get fairly complex. We recommend using a WooCommerce plugin on your WordPress website because it assists you in creating the necessary pages for a storefront. Get all the details on how to add a storefront to your WordPress website on our blog!

Woodman’s of Essex