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Library Gets an Upgraded Web Presence.

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Key Outcomes

  • Upgraded, Modern Design
  • Simple and Intuitive Navigation
  • Integrated with various third party applications
  • Very fast load times

Fully Responsive

responsive website design for Newbury Library

Beautifully presented across all responsive devices

This website works well across all devices, which is an important element in building a good library website. Visitors can easily view and utilize the website on smartphones, tablets, and desktop PCs.

Tips for Creating an Engaging Library Website.

Newbury Library website before and after


Newbury Library website before and after


Examples of the Best Library Websites.

Newbury Town Library wanted a website that was simple to navigate but engaging for both new and repeat visitors. We added an array of elements and pages to make it the best library website possible. One of those elements included making the navigation menu simple and clear. We made drop-down menus with more options categorized under the main navigation title so that it would be be easy for visitors to find everything without being overwhelming. Browse more examples of the best library websites we’ve created to inspire your website’s redesign!

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