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New Website for a Local Library.

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Walpole Public Library opened in 1876 and is a a Popular Materials Center, giving residents access to a broad selection of reading materials and the resources to pursue their interests and hobbies. The library offers resources for developing employment skills, researching consumer health and financial information, and helping students work on school projects to help citizens’ official and informal educational endeavors as an Independent Learning Center. The library is also a flourishing community area where locals congregate to socialize, study, hold formal meetings, and exchange experiences and ideas. Their mission is to “bring people, information and ideas together to enrich lives and strengthen our community.”

Given all that Walpole Public Library has to offer to Walpole residents, it was time for their website to work as a tool in furthering their work. With their new website, it is easier than ever for residents to get involved, access their favorite resources and learn about new resources and library events. Browse more examples of our website design for libraries to see examples of the memorable, effective websites our web designers have created.

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Key Features

  • Clear website navigation
  • Easy to access resources
  • Prominent catalog, account info and upcoming events
  • Optimized with our SEO services
  • Fully responsive on all devices
  • New WordPress web design using existing branding


Fully Responsive

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Beautifully presented across all responsive devices

This website performs well on all devices. Viewers can easily navigate and utilize the website on smartphones, tablets, and desktop PCs.

Tips for Creating an Engaging Library Website.

Walpole Public Library website before and after


Walpole Public Library website before and after


How to Enhance Community Involvement with Your Library’s Website .

Libraries aim to enhance community involvement by making themselves and their resources accessible to their communities. Adding a feed of upcoming events to the website’s homepage is a great way to quickly show community members how to get involved. If there is an especially important event coming up, you can also add an announcement banner or a pop-up to the homepage to notify visitors. Get more ideas about how to use your library’s website to enhance community involvement on our blog!

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