website design for Corolla Roofing

Custom Website Design for Corolla Roofing

new website homepage screenshot for Corolla Roofing
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Roofing Company Gets an Upgraded Website.

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What We Did

  • WordPress website development for simple content management
  • Drone photography integrated into website seamlessly to show scale of projects completed
  • Very large phone number and call to action buttons integrated throughout the website to make it easier to read
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Corolla Roofing is an excellent provider for roofing solutions to both residential and commercial customers.

Since Corolla actively competes for large jobs in and around Boston, it was very important to design and build a website that would clearly show they are experienced working with very large structures.

We accomplished this by creating a trade web design that would highlight professional photos showing such buildings.

Fully Responsive

responsive website design for Corolla Roofing

Beautifully presented across all responsive devices

Corolla Roofing website before and after


Corolla Roofing website before and after


How to Make Your Website Mobile-Friendly.

Making your website mobile-friendly is vital since most people use the internet from their phones. When we build websites, we always make them mobile responsive, as we did for Corolla Roofing. To do so, we add elements like accordions and drop-down menus so that content is easy to read. Check out our blog post to learn about the other elements we use to make WordPress websites mobile responsive.

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