Graham Segal

I am a novice at this website building game. I am re-establishing a consultancy that I ran some years ago. Unfortunately, I had to take down my shingle when some family matters required my wife & I to go and live in Malaysia for an extended period (my wife is from there).

Now back in Australia, I am developing a website & blog to help start me back on track.

I just installed Contact Form 7 following the process outlined in your recent video. Everything went smoothly and it is working successfully. However, I have run into a difficulty I hope you can give me some help with.

My site is based on the Weaver II theme. It uses a black background, with orange type in the main content area and green type in the widget areas. These colours are set in the theme appearance settings,

In the Contact Form 7, the type that appears is green and very difficult to read. Consequently, I am hoping you can advise me how to change the background colour in the Form’s text boxes.


Graham Segal

Compete Now

Hey Graham,

I have encountered this problem myself on other themes. The only way to resolve the issue would be to make some adjustments to the plugin’s css file. If you provided us with access to this we could take care of it for $35. Alternatively you can also look into another tutorial we have on this site which may be easier for you to use. The tutorial I have in mind is the JotForm one. Check it out here: http://competenow.wpengine.com/all/how-to-add-forms-to-your-wordpress-website-with-jotform/

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