The Benefits of Adding Live Chat to Your Website

Having a well-designed website can not only build a strong brand for your business, but also can instill confidence in potential customers before they make a purchasing decision. A great aspect of a website is that it creates consistent availability for your customers, allowing them to find your contact information or address very easily within your site. Taking the concept of availability a step further, a great feature that you should consider adding to your website is Live Chat. Adding Live Chat instills your business with the ability to provide immediate answers for any of your visitor’s potential questions, which in turn creates a sense of trust within said visitors. This ultimately can positively impact your bottom line, and help untap potential within your business that you may have not known even existed! Below, we divulge into the many benefits of adding a Live Chat feature to your business’ website!


Did you know that according to a study completed by Forrester Research, one of the nation’s leaders in customer satisfaction business research, 44% of online customers say that having their questions answered while navigating the website is one of the most important aspects of a website? This immediate gratification, builds trust within your business which often leads to potential customers turning into repeat customers. The convenience of a Live Chat allows for customers to continue browsing your site while waiting for an answer, which is a much more effective retention strategy as opposed to a 1-800 number.

Reduce Expenses

Live Chat is above and beyond one of the cheapest, yet effective, support features your business can offer. Live Chat’s inexpensive nature revolves around not having to pay for things typically associated with adding support to your site, such as call center toll charges or person-per-hour costs. In the same study completed by Forrester Research, it was discovered that Live Chat customer support is 17-30% cheaper than a phone call support system. In addition to being a cheaper option, Live Chat can reduce expenses via enabling your team members to multitask and assist multiple visitors at once.

Helps Unlock Customer Pain Points

In contemporary business, the term “pain points” has become ever so prominent in today’s stakeholder business models. Pain points are problems that customers have that have not been solved or addressed in any capacity. With Live Chat, representatives can quickly provide support to site visitors, coupled with gaining knowledge in regards improving the company’s products and services. Additionally, Live Chat can better address pain points by the transparent nature of the feature. With call centers, customers usually only talk to a single representative, which can lead to their issue getting lost or not fully addressed. With Live Chat, anyone can access chat histories, which can be sorted and filtered to get a more in depth understanding of customer pain points.

Easy Integration

Not only does adding a Live Chat feature provide improved customer support, it also is extremely seamless to integrate and implement within your business’ website. The positive of being so simple to integrate into your site is that it immediately impacts your business without hindering your customer support. We highly recommend Live Chat, due to its helpful nature in regards to positively impacting your business. The easy integration of a Live Chat feature enables you to continue operating normally, but now gives your business the benefit of constant availability and support.

Live Chat is a great feature for your website and if you want to take your business to the next level in 2018, we recommend adding it to your website as soon as possible! Interested in learning more about adding a Live Chat feature to your site? Schedule a call to find out how we can help.