What is Google Analytics, and How Does It Work? 1 of 2

Web executives have many tools available to them to track the effectiveness of their websites, not the least of which is Google Analytics. This freemium software is the top resource for tracking your site’s performance and customer demographics. It offers many great features, including:

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Insights into visitors.

You can find out who your visitors are – what time of day they’re on your site, what pages they’re clicking on, how long they’re staying on each page.

Integration with other devices.

Analytics can be synced across all devices, and is easily incorporated with Google AdWords. The Google Analytics app is available on iTunes and Google Play for monitoring your site on the go.

Extensive help is available online.

Google Analytics is great for the beginner because there are so many online tutorials and help references, all free of charge.

Google Analytics is an asset to any SEO team. By inserting a simple line of code into your source, Google can track all sorts of visitor behavior on your site. You’ll gain insight on which marketing campaigns are successful and which to tone down.  With real-time visitor tracking, you can see who is on your site at any time and what page they’re on. Google Analytics also has an exception reports function. There are many different report templates, or you can customize your own.

All of these services are provided by Google cost-free, making them accessible to businesses of all sizes. Even the Google Analytics IQ (Individual Qualification) training courses and certification exam are all free of charge. Put yourself firmly in control of your company’s digital marketing with Google Analytics.