How to Add Hello Bar to WordPress

We all blog and create pages upon pages of content in order to drive more traffic to our site. That is all fine and good but the reality is that most of this effort is to eventually drive that website visitor to a one or a few very specific pages that relate to our service and provide a way for them to sign up or contact us. There are ways using call to actions within text and the sidebar to do this but today I want to show you a way to add it throughout your entire website in a way that won’t interfere with your content but in will grab the visitors attention. The way I am talking about is the hello bar. This call to action tool will add a bar across the very top of your website with a button for them to click and go to the page that you choose. For example, mine would be “Want a free website evaluation, click here.” To learn how you can start driving your website traffic to the pages you want, check out this tutorial:

Please note: You only get 25 clicks with the free version.

Table of Contents:

  • Adding the plugin: 0:56
  • Go to: (setup bar)
  • Add embed code to your website: 3:46
  • Want to use different bars or only show it on one page? 4:47

Search “the hello bar” or download here:

Setup a Hello Bar account here: