YouTube Subscribe Widget for WordPress Tutorial

YouTube provides a great advertising opportunity to any business. For one, you have access to a huge community of users that are interested in your services who also happen to prefer searching videos to learn more about different topics that may relate to your business. Also, the videos are a great way to enhance your website or blog. Many users prefer to watch a video as opposed to reading a bunch of text. It also helps to hear a voice when you are on a website, just makes the experience a little more personal which can help the customer feel more comfortable with contacting you. Once you have decided to start publishing YouTube videos you will want to gain a following through subscriptions. One great way to encourage this is to have a subscribe button on your website so your visitors can easily subscribe to your channel from your site. In this week’s tutorial, I will demonstrate how to add a YouTube Subscribe Widget to your sidebar or footer with the YouTube Subscribe Widget for WordPress.

Table of Contents:

  • Adding the plugin: 0:48
  • Adding the widget to your sidebar: 1:24

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