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Custom Equipment Rental Website for ABZ Rent-All

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New Website for an Equipment and Event Rental Company.

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Key Features

  • Direct integration with software to send quote requests from the website straight into the operating system
  • Shows pricing options, accessories and alternate items for construction and event rental equipment
  • Organized the website into three different sections for the types of rental equipment offered: construction equipment, wedding rentals and event rentals
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What We Did

  • Centered the website around showing the inventory available for rentals. We organized a wide range of products into three top level categories with a larger number of subcategories
  • Integrated the website with Goodshuffle Pro to populate the website with inventory that updates automatically from the software. No more managing two systems!
  • Built the website in WordPress to make it easy to add additional pages and content to the website
  • Added a powerful search tool allowing visitors to quickly find a specific item they are looking to rent

Fully Responsive

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Beautifully presented across all responsive devices

We optimized this website for use on all devices. Visitors can easily find products and submit a quote request from their desktop, tablet or mobile device.

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ABZ Rent-All website before and after


The old website was clunky and disorganized without a clear funnel for visitors on the homepage.

ABZ Rent-All website before and after


The new homepage displays the three categories and immediately gets the visitors into browsing the inventory.

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