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Shopify E-Commerce Website Design for E.W. Hobbs

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Salem Popcorn Shop Takes Their Business Online.

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What We Did

  • Shopify site customized to match new branding and logo
  • All products, shipping, payment methods configured
  • Mobile responsive website optimizations integrated
  • Content management training
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E.W. Hobbs has been located at historic Salem Willows since 1897 and serving customers ever since.

Over the years, they have done great business around the holidays selling their popcorn tins which sparked the need for a new e-commerce website to help fulfill the orders effectively as well as increase future orders. (Orders were previously placed via Facebook messages – very time-consuming!)

Now, with a fully functioning e-commerce site, customers can order products year-round shipped right to their door!

Fully Responsive

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Beautifully presented across all responsive devices

The Steps for Building a Great E-Commerce Website.

Tips for Making Your Website Easy to Read.

E. W. Hobbs’ e-commerce web design includes their green and white colors, and high-quality images that engage users. However, when we were designing these pages, we also prioritize the functionality and readability of the website. A tip to follow when designing websites is to include white space throughout, as we did on the E. W. Hobbs’ website. White space makes your website approachable so that you’re not bombarding your users with too much information. The main takeaway: include ample white space with an effective call to action and a few icons/images. Learn more about our professional tips for making your website easier to read in our blog!

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