In this wordpress tutorial, I will demonstrate how to add a feedburner email subscription widget to your sidebar.

Table of Contents:

  • Go to 1:48
  • Get your blog feed: 2:04
  • Add it to feedburner: 2:24
  • Set feed title: 2:34
  • Get embed code: 3:18
  • Add code to a text widget: 3:58
  • Set delivery time for your notifications: 6:30

You will need a Google Account to do this. You can log into Feedburner here:

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Eden Bloxom

One frequent perceived technical problem with FeedBurner is the reduced number of subscribers being reported for the blogs using the service. This is not actually a technical problem with FeedBurner, but by the feed readers and aggregators that report to FeedBurner, as FeedBurner collects and tallies from those partners. Usually this problem is connected with one specific RSS reader or client. ^;

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