Examples of Excellent Community Access TV Websites

No matter your business’s category, having a well-designed website is essential for user experience. Creating a positive user experience is essential for the Community Access TV field. How can you ensure your Community Access TV audience has a positive experience on your website? Keep reading for examples of features to create an excellent Community Access TV website.

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Showcase Video Content

Community Access TV stations are usually not just catering to one audience. If your Community Access TV station streams content for multiple audiences, such as community, municipal, and school content, you’ll want to ensure the content is easy to find. This can easily be done by utilizing the homepage banner space to showcase links to watch live, view the live schedule, and watch any recordings on-demand. An example of a Community Access TV website that effectively utilizes this method is Chelmsford TV. While this content can be found in the main navigation, this station prioritized users easily finding this targeted content.

chelmsford tv website with featured channels

Automatically Update Latest Content

It can take a lot of extra time and effort to manually upload recent content after it is broadcasted. Sometimes you may forget to add it onto the website which makes it harder for website visitors to instantly access your content. Our team can automatically integrate with a CATV’s software to automatically update the website with the latest content. The content can be organized by channel and show to allow visitors to find all the latest episodes for the show they are looking for. Importing all of the content into the website directly allows us to implement a powerful search feature so visitors can find the exact meeting or episode they are looking for. All new content is imported daily, and no manual uploading is needed!

Here are some of the systems that we have integrated with:

You can take the stress out of keeping your produced content up to date on your website with automatic integration. Contact our team to learn more.

Show Community Members How They Can Get Involved

Many may believe Community Access TV is just for consumers, but those community consumers can get involved with many Community Access TV stations. Suppose your Community Access TV station has membership opportunities, offers classes or training, allows community members to produce shows, or has any volunteer opportunities. In that case, it is important that website visitors can quickly find that information. While you may have website visitors who are seeking out that content, you may also have visitors who wouldn’t have thought about getting involved because they didn’t think it was possible. Dracut Access TV features its “Get Involved” section close to the top of its homepage so that community members know how the station can serve them beyond the existing shows they may watch.

dracut access tv website features community involvement opportunities

Provide Community Information

Of course, the main goal of Community Access TV is to keep community members informed of relevant information and community happenings. As mentioned before, your Community Access TV may offer education and training programs that users are either looking for or do not know about. For those who do not know about these community offerings, showcasing them on your website’s homepage will be beneficial. Community Access TV viewers may use your broadcasts and programs as a way to keep up with community happenings, but that may not necessarily always be the most relevant information for every viewer, so having links to your community’s government website or community-government-specific broadcasting can direct a website visitor to a more comprehensive or relevant set of information. North Andover Community Access and Media, Inc.’s website includes dropdown tabs with links to view their different types of content. Not only can offering different content intentionally for different audiences increase engagement but effectively showcasing it on your website increases engagement and viewership.

north andover community access and media website with community government programming

Feature Community News and Events

There’s always a chance that community members missed information you may have shared in a broadcast, so just like your Community Access TV station may offer on-demand broadcasts, your website can offer a featured news and events section to ensure community members don’t miss a thing. You can feature recent broadcasts, upcoming government meeting broadcasts, and any blog or news posts on your website. Walpole Media Corporation’s website is an excellent example of this featured section.

walpole media corporation website with featured community news and events

Do You Need Help Creating an Excellent Community Access TV Website?

We have worked with multiple Community Access TV stations to redesign their websites to best align with their goals. The examples in this blog from Walpole Media Corporation, North Andover CAM, Dracut Access TV, and Chelmsford TV are websites Compete Now has helped redesign. If any of these features stood out or if you have been looking to redesign your Community Access TV website, click here or call us at 617-539-6528 to get started.