Five Indicators That You Need a New Website

Constructing Your WebsiteA website is the hub of all your marketing efforts for your business. Regardless of whether it is Google, Direct Mail, Social Media or anything else, chances are that your customers are going to end up on your website at some point.

Once establishing your website, maintaining it is just as important. Often times, websites are neglected and because of this, it is almost as if your site does not exist. Below are the top 5 indicators that you need a website.


1. Your website is slow

Having a slow website is almost as if you do not have a website at all. If your site takes too long to open, the majority of potential clients will get impatient and disregard your site. In addition to this, Google is now using website speed as part of their ranking criteria so it is more important than ever to ensure a fast-loading website!

Here is a tool you can use to test the speed of your website: Pingdom Website Speed Test


2. Your website design is out of date

There are always advancements in graphic styles, marketing methods, and layout plans. Keep on top of the latest trends to keep your customers coming back for more. For example, have you noticed that many of the more modern sites make better use of the full screen than older/boxy designs? This is one of the biggest trends which shows users prefer a wider and better-flowing layout than the box style designs.


3. You cannot edit your own website

If you cannot edit your own website you need a redesign! All websites should be simple to use and you as the client should have a clear understanding of how to edit your own website. If either of the two is lacking, then it is time to reevaluate your website and get on track. Even if you need to only know how to do the basics, like editing content, all modern sites should be built on some kind of content management system.


4. Your website has no strategy

Is your website kind of just… there? If this is the case, then you really need to consider a website redesign/update. Your website has a job to do and when you work with a web designer, there should be a clear end goal for what you want your visitors to do. Whether it is to request a quote, sign up for your email newsletter, or just start a conversation with you, your website should be designed to drive them towards that goal.


5. Your site is not mobile responsive

Depending on your target market, you could be getting more than 80% of your website traffic from mobile devices. If your website is not mobile responsive you will have a bigger fall off of traffic. In addition to that, Google also favors mobile responsive websites for mobile search results, which is another reason to ensure your site is mobile friendly.

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