How to Block Yourself from Your Google Analytics Stats

Google Analytics is a great tool to measure how much traffic your website is getting and where it is coming from. Often, we, the website owner, is one of the people visiting the website the most and for large amounts of time since we are making edits and updates. This activity can scew the data which is not very useful since we need the most accurate information possible. This week’s tutorial will show how to block yourself from Google Analytics so this does not happen. Since it is IP driven, it will also block the other people in your office from showing up in the stats as well.

Table of Contents:

  • Log into Google: 1:20
  • Once logged into Google Analytics, click admin: 1:28
  • Click profile: 1:35
  • Then Filters: 1:38
  • Setup filter: 1:43

To find your IP address:

How to Add Google Analytics to your WordPress Website:…