How to add a YouTube Video to WordPress/Editor Walk-Through

WordPress Visual Editor Icons Walk Through

In this video, we will do a quick walk-through of all the icons in the WordPress visual editor.

How to add a YouTube video to WordPress

In this video, I will demonstrate how to add a YouTube video to your WordPress website.

Table of Contents:

  • How to add with a shortcode: 0:51
  • What plugin you need: 1:11
  • Why you should use a shortcode: 1:29
  • Inserting the shortcode: 1:58
  • Selecting the video you want to use: 2:29
  • Inserting the video link into the shortcode: 3:27
  • Setting the size for the video: 4:11
  • Embedding a video without the shortcode plugin: 4:52

YouTube Shortcode Plugin:

  • To Download From WordPress:

YouTube Shortcode:


Click Here for the YouTube WordPress Shortcode


**Make sure you are in HTML view when you paste this into your site.
 Once you have done this, you can use visual editor.**