What is web hosting? And how much does it cost?

Web hosting is real estate on the internet.  The larger your site is the more real estate it will need.  Variables like credit card processing and other complex features will also increase hosting costs.  Many small business sites only need basic hosting plans and too often they are paying ridiculous rates.

Perfect example:

I recently met a sub shop owner that has a basic site that really is just an online brochure.  There is no online ordering or any other special features.  For a site like this he should not be paying more than $10-12 per month for hosting.  Shockingly, he is paying $800 per year for hosting!!! ($66.66 per month)  When I told him the bad news he was outraged that they had taken advantage of him.  Needless to say he will be switching hosting plans to us at the end of his contract.

Unfortunately, this is not rare and their are many hard working business owners that are being taken advantage of by Wed Design and Hosting companies.  This results from the owners either being inexperienced with the internet or just too busy to do their own due diligence about the costs.

So please if you have a basic site do not pay more than 70-100 per year for web hosting!

If you are in need of hosting or want to change plans to a more fair price please contact us ASAP!

Also, if you have additional web hosting questions please email them to us and we will be glad to help: Email address: info@competenow.biz