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SaaS Website Design for CASTUS TV

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Custom Website Design for CASTUS TV.

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Key Features

  • Included individual pages for each of CASTUS’s main services, key features, offerings and other areas of their business
  • Optimized the website for both new and returning customers to either browse the services, schedule a demo or contact support
  • Designed robust product pages that feature galleries, videos, brochures and plan comparison tables
  • Highlighted testimonials from existing customers and showcased customer logos to represent the wide range of businesses CASTUS works with
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What We Did

  • Designed a custom WordPress website to utilize brand colors, fonts, backgrounds, images and graphics to align the website with CASTUS’s brand
  • Integrated demo and contact forms with HubSpot to seamlessly connect with their CRM
  • Optimized the website for mobile devices allowing visitors to easily browse the website across all platforms
  • Created a new applications page to highlight different case studies and use case examples to showcase how CASTUS can work with a variety of industries

Fully Responsive

responsive website design for CASTUS TV

Beautifully presented across all responsive devices

This focused SaaS website design project prioritized the mobile responsiveness and functionality across desktops and mobile devices of the CASTUS TV website. CASTUS is ready to serve new and existing customers across all platforms!

CASTUS TV website before and after


The old website lacked content and did not highlight the services and impressive features that CASTUS offers with its platform.

CASTUS TV website before and after


The new website highly focuses on the features CASTUS offers and also gives a preview of how their platform looks on a mobile device.

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