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Personal Injury Law Firm Gets an Upgraded Website.

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Yasi & Yasi is a law firm specializing in personal injury that needed a redesigned website in Salem, MA. Over the years, they have built up a great reputation for servicing their clients which has in turn allowed them to acquire most of their clients through word of mouth referrals. The purpose of the new website was to give Yasi & Yasi a web presence that would communicate their approach and values to their referrals to ensure that visitors understood what made them a great firm to work with.

Through professional web design and photography, we were able to demonstrate their strengths in a unique way that isn’t seen on most other legal and law firm websites.

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Yasi & Yasi website before and after


Yasi & Yasi website before and after


Why You Should Hire a Web Designer.

When you hire a web designer, you’re hiring a professional who can bring your ideas to life, while also ensuring that the website engages and converts clients, and follows the latest design trends, and functions. If you’re interested in building a new website on your own, first read about the benefits of hiring a web designer here!

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