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New Website Design for Dover Town Library

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A Modern and Easy to Use Library Website.

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Key Features

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How We Did It

Dover Town Library was looking for a website that was engaging and inviting. They wanted it to act as a resourceful hub for library members. With that information and our knowledge from working with other libraries, we added an active hours display, an easy-to-navigate catalog, an updated events calendar, and more. We also redesigned their branding to feature bright blue, orange, and yellow colors to highlight the joy of the library.

Fully Responsive

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Beautifully presented across all responsive devices

Dover Town Library’s website is responsive across all devices. Library members can visit this website on any device and experience the same easy functionality.

Tips for Creating an Engaging Library Website.

Dover Town Library website before and after


The old website was hard to navigate and did not feature the wide range of offerings that Dover Town Library has.

Dover Town Library website before and after


We designed a new logo and used that branding for the entire website. The website also features an expanded mega menu to make services and resources easy to find.

Examples of the Best Library Websites.

Having a cutting-edge, user-friendly library website will motivate community members to benefit from the wealth of resources your library has to offer. One of the aspects that made the Dover Town Library website cutting-edge and user-friendly was its homepage. Their homepage not only features a video of the exterior and interior of the library but also a search bar, an Upcoming Events section that leads to the calendar, and a feed of recent blog posts. Read more of our design tips by checking out our examples of the best library websites on our blog!

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