Why Do Websites Need Maintenance Checks Regularly?

Imagine a potential customer finding you on Google only to be redirected to a spam website because you were hacked. Or for them to not be able to view your site due to something as simple as outdated software. These factors may be costing you potential consumers without you even realizing it. Our managed WordPress services have automated malware scanning, and our daily backups and skilled team can immediately address any security issues.

Your website is an important component of your business, and purchasing a managed WordPress hosting package will ensure that it makes a great first impression. In this blog you will learn what website maintenance includes and why websites need maintenance plans.

What does website maintenance include?

Website maintenance is the process of routinely managing, upgrading, and assuring a website is running properly 24/7. To ensure that you are delivering a good user experience, increasing search engine exposure, and safeguarding against security concerns, regular website maintenance is essential.


Having a structured website maintenance plan keeps your site safe from risks like malware infections, hacking attempts, and data breaches. One of the most crucial aspects of website maintenance is routinely updating software, plugins, and themes on your website. This will help to patch security vulnerabilities, protect sensitive data and to prevent spam comments and bots filling out forms on your site. Whether you’d like to secure your WordPress website, Shopify website, or other website, our team can help you. Click here to request for information.


Your website’s performance and loading speed can be increased by doing maintenance chores like code optimization, picture compression, and database cleanup. A website that loads quickly improves user experience, lowers bounce rates, and performs better in search results. Focusing on top performance will help make your site the best website possible.


Web browsers and other devices receive updates as technology advances, which could have an impact on how well your website works. In order to avoid any compatibility problems and guarantee a seamless user experience, routine maintenance makes sure that your website is still compatible with the newest browsers, operating systems, and devices. You also need to regularly test forms on websites to ensure all contact and order forms on the website are fully functional and email notifications are being delivered successfully.

Content Updates

To engage visitors and keep their interest, it’s essential to keep your website updated with relevant and new material. By updating and publishing fresh content on a regular basis, you can make sure that your website continues to be useful to users and relevant in your industry. This includes updating social media accounts, creating blogs, announcing company news, upcoming events, and more. You can go on to repurpose this content by posting Google My Business announcements regularly to reach an even wider audience. This is one of the many benefits of Google My Business.

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Search Engine Optimization SEO

Websites that are updated frequently and well-maintained are preferred by search engines. With regular website and SEO maintenance, you will increase the visibility of your website in search engine results. You’ll also get more organic traffic, and reach a larger audience by optimizing its structure, content, and metadata.

User Experience

A website that is well-maintained offers a satisfying user experience. You may improve customer satisfaction, and promote longer visits. As well as boosting the possibility of conversions by routinely checking for broken links, correcting mistakes, and assuring intuitive navigation.

Broken Link Checking

Broken link checking is the process of locating and examining links on a website to determine if they are working or broken. In order to maintain a great user experience and make sure that visitors can access all the intended material, websites will be periodically checked for broken links and fixed in a timely manner.

Uptime Monitoring

Uptime monitoring refers to the practice of tracking the availability and performance of a website. It involves monitoring and recording the amount of time that a system or service is functioning and accessible to users as well as immediately alerting website owners when their website goes down. Uptime monitoring is essential for businesses and organizations that rely on their online presence to ensure ongoing operation and prevent disruptions.


The website’s files and database will be regularly backed up to prevent data loss. In the event of a technical problem, backups enable the website to be restored to a previously operational condition.

Hosting Plans

At Compete Now, we offer three hosting plans for you to choose from based on the functionality and needs of your website.

  1. Everything you need in a premium hosting plan is covered by our essentials hosting package. This plan includes daily backups, regular malware scanning, and spam protection and more.
  2. The next step up brings us to our gold website maintenance plan. This package includes everything in our essentials plan plus semiannual updates and maintenance like checking broken links, updating plugins, and mobile device testing just to name a few.
  3. Finally, our platinum plan includes maintenance and updates every quarter in addition to everything in our essentials plan. E-commerce and other websites that require high levels of functionality are ideal for our platinum package.
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In conclusion, regular website maintenance is vital for user experience, security, performance, functionality, and fresh content. You can efficiently accomplish your online goals, protect your website, and give users a better online experience by investing in routine maintenance.

We offer 3 primary hosting plans depending on your website’s needs and functionality. If you have any questions or are looking for a more customized hosting plan please click here or call us at 978-219-2128 to learn more!