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Custom Non-Profit Website for LUK

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New Website for a Local Non-Profit.

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Key Features

  • Redesigned Main Navigation
  • Informative Donation Page
  • Important Quick Links in Footer
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What We Did

Fully Responsive

responsive website design for LUK

Beautifully presented across all responsive devices

This website works well across all devices. Visitors can easily view and utilize the website on smartphones, tablets, and desktop PCs.

LUK website before and after


LUK website before and after


Examples of the Best Non-Profit Websites.

We have a list of criteria when we build websites for non-profits in order to make sure they’re as compelling and authentic as possible. One of the criteria that we included in LUK’s website was an employment/careers page. By promoting your open positions on your website, you’re more likely to attract the talented employees that your organization is looking for. Adding pages like this on your website allows visitors to learn more about the work you do and build empathy for your mission. Browse more examples of the best non-profit websites for insight on creating a great non-profit website.