Examples of the Best Non-Profit Websites

Non-profits must have a modern and effective website in order to fulfill their mission and reach their goals. That’s why it’s so vital for a non-profit to leverage its websites because that will act as the outlet for all its resources and information. As you work and updated your non-profit website, we’ve provided numerous examples of the best non-profit donation websites we’ve built. 

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Including Programs and Staff Directory

The best way to tell your audience about your organization is through your programs and staff. When an organization manages and runs programs dedicated to its mission, it showcases your involvement. Make it convenient for website visitors to find that info by placing it in the main menu of your website as we did for Community Teamwork above. Not only will your programs show who you are as an organization, but the people who work there will. The best non-profit donation websites include the people behind their hard work. Allow people to learn about the staff working at your organization by including a staff directory page.

Adding an Employment/Careers Page

Let people apply to work at your non-profit! The first place people will go to when they’re interested in working for an organization is the organization’s website. Include a page on your website like we did for LUK Inc. When we were designing LUK Inc.’s non-profit web design, they stressed how important it was to have people join their team. That’s why we added an Employment tab in the main menu of their website so anyone interested in the company could look at job and internship opportunities. 

Take Advantage of Donation Forms

Most non-profits rely on their ability to fundraise and gather donations; this puts a lot of pressure on your website to market your non-profit well. We kept this in mind when designing for Girls Inc. Lowell. The best non-profit donation websites include call to actions, that’s why we added a Donate CTA in the header that led to a full page on where their donations go and how visitors can donate. We took advantage of using a donation form because it prompts people with specific donation amounts, adding convenience. It’s something we do on all our donation page examples for non-profits trying to fundraise. We can integrate your fundraising software into a donation page for a seamless transition. 

Utilize “Become a Member” Landing Pages

Giving people numerous ways to get involved in your non-profit is the best way to maximize help for your organization. Not everyone is interested in donating and volunteer work, so allowing people to become members based on the work they specialize in is a great alternative. That’s what we did for Special Needs Advocacy Network, dedicating an entire landing page so visitors can learn how to get involved as a member.  

Be Accessible By Adding a Language Switcher

It’s important to remember that not everyone speaks English as their first language, or possibly, not at all. You want to be inclusive by making your website and non-profit resources accessible to everyone of all backgrounds. Language switchers are simple to implement as well, you can learn how to add them here. The language switcher can appear on the website where you prefer, but we recommend placing it right at the top in the header where people will have no trouble finding it. For our client, Impact Behavioral Health Partners, we placed it in the header to the right.

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