Examples of the Best Healthcare Center Web Designs

Creating the best healthcare web design is vital to finding new patients and keeping current ones. Patients want websites that are active and resourceful, but also simple and engaging. So how do you make all of that happen? 

At Compete Now, we make it our job to ensure your website is everything that patients are looking for. Our team has worked with numerous healthcare centers to create websites that showcase their mission and are easy to navigate for current and incoming patients. Call us today to get started on your new website. In the meantime, learn about what makes the best health center web design below!

Make Your Website Accessible

Whether you’re starting fresh with a new web design or revising an existing site, ensuring it’s accessible is a must-do for healthcare center web design.  Making your website accessible is important to ensure that all patients can obtain critical information and services online without any barriers. Fostering accessibility enhances your health center’s reputation and dedication to patient-centered care. 

Being inclusive is as simple as installing an accessibility widget and language switcher. We did this on the Codman Square Health Center’s website, pictured above. The accessibility widget is in the bottom left corner, and when clicked on, it expands to provide options on text, images, and more. The language switcher is in the top right corner and allows users to switch to their native language, providing an easy experience.

Feature Images of Staff Members

The best healthcare web designs feature personable images of staff, patients, and the center. By adding images of staff on your health center website, you’re adding a personal touch, which helps to humanize the center and build trust with patients. When you open the homepage of the Boston Health Care for the Homeless Program (BHCHP) website, visitors are met with welcoming faces of the people who work at BHCHP. This simple addition can ease anxieties and create a welcoming atmosphere for visitors.

Showcase Upcoming Events

Adding an events calendar to your health center’s website can demonstrate the center’s commitment to community involvement and healthcare initiatives. Elements like these also enhance your website’s value as a resource for patients seeking opportunities for education, support, and participation in health-promoting activities. We added an events calendar to MEDA’s website for that exact reason. Now MEDA can promote upcoming events and patients can easily find them.

Use Drop-Downs and Accordions

Drop-downs and accordions allow you to insert important content without overwhelming a web page with paragraphs. These elements will keep information digestible, making your healthcare website more user-friendly and easy to read. Making your website user-experience-focused also positively impacts how you can reach local patients with SEO because SEO heavily weighs user experience. You can see how we implemented accordion tabs for Impact Behavioral Health Partners’ About page to keep the page easy for viewers to use. Elements like these are easy to implement and can elevate your website’s look.

Promote Your Mission and Story

When you’re working in the healthcare industry, it’s evident that you’re dedicated to helping others. When patients come looking for a center like yours, you should tell them about your mission and story! Patients want to know the purpose behind your center and your organization’s values. The Special Needs Advocacy Network greatly cares about its history, mission, and social impact, so we implemented those stories into its About Us page. Now visitors can easily learn about the mission that is driving The Special Needs Advocacy Network’s work.

Post Updates and News

Posting updates and news on your healthcare center website helps keep patients informed about important developments within the facility, such as new services, changes in operating hours, health alerts, and other news. Keeping your patients in the loop also makes them feel informed and part of your center. The Boston Health Care for the Homeless Program (BHCHP) wanted the ease of sharing a variety of news with their patients and staff, so we implemented the News page above that allows users to filter the posts by keyword, topic, and type.

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