6 Important Things to Consider When Building Your New Law Firm Website

Your law firm’s website design is a major deciding factor in whether or not interested clients or prospective employees will contact you. If users don’t find your website informative, easy to use, and trustworthy, they’ll most likely keep searching for a different law firm.

At Compete Now, we develop websites for law firms that are professional and resourceful. We work with clients to provide a collaborative web design experience where their wants and needs are heard and met through every step of the process. We encourage you to call us if you’re considering building or redesigning your website! Now, learn about the 6 important things we consider in every law firm website design build.

1. Feature Attorneys with Individual Pages

Build trust with interested and current clients by adding personality to your website with attorney bios. Feature your attorneys with individual pages so users can get to know each of them better. Include a picture of them, a blurb about their background, practice areas, affiliations, educational backgrounds, and contact information.

When we created the websites for Cohn & Dussi and Plunkett & Rando, we designed pages that featured photos and background information on their attorneys, as seen below. Cohn & Dussi wanted to share how their attorneys joined the law firm, so we made space by adding the practice areas, affiliations, and education in drop-down tabs.

cohn & dussi individual attorney pages

For Plunkett & Rando below, we included a Community Involvement section because of their firm’s interest and hardwork in the community:

plunkett & rando community involvement

2. Include Dynamic Content

Your law firm’s website design should include dynamic content in order to keep users fully informed. When we say dynamic content, we’re referring to updated, relevant content that automatically feeds into your website’s pages. For instance, on each attorney page, relevant news, updates, and practice areas would be uploaded straight to each page to provide users with the most relevant information. When we created the practice area pages for Cohn & Dussi, as seen below, we implemented dynamic content so their attorneys would funnel into the correct practice area pages.

cohn & dussi dynamic website content attorneys feed and practice area pages

Now, they are providing users with convenient, up-to-date information on their services.

3. Add a Live Chat Feature

Increase the number of leads that your website captures by implementing a live chat feature that will collect users’ contact information. A live chat feature encourages interested clients to ask quick questions they have without sending a formal email. When we created the website for Konstantilakis Law, we included a live chat in the bottom right corner, as seen below.

konstantilakis law live chat website feature

With a live chat, users can ask questions and fill in their contact information, similar to a contact form, for further information from an attorney.

4. Implement CTA for Free Case Reviews and Consultations

By implementing calls to action for free case reviews, consultations, or appointments, you increase your chances of hearing from clients. This is a great way to generate leads by giving interested clients a chance to get to know your experience and the firm as a whole. But don’t forget to provide a disclaimer to the user that their email will be collected! We created a form, similar to a contact form, to capture this information, for the Damaged Car Attorneys’ website below.

damaged car attorneys case review form

We added both a form to the homepage and a button in the header to grab the user’s eye.

5. Add News, Results & Legal News

Clients want to know that a law firm is up-to-date with news in their industry. By showcasing that your firm consistently reads legal and news updates, you’ll show your clients that you’re knowledgeable in your field. We recommend adding a news page on your website that is populated with news and information relevant to your work. For Cohn & Dussi, we made their news page easy to navigate by organizing their news to display the most recent articles.

cohn & dussi news and events webpage

This allows clients to also gain a perspective on the current legal environment and Cohn & Dussi’s recent mentions in the press.

6. Showcase Case Studies and Reviews

Two growing necessities for law firms to include on their websites are case studies and reviews. Case studies are a beneficial way of showcasing a law firm’s knowledge and problem-solving skills, providing users with a sense of trust in a firm’s ability. If you don’t have case studies to include, then we urge you to include a reviews page, as we did for Konstantilakis Law, pictured below:

komstantilakis law review webpage

With client reviews, interested users can get an insightful look into the quality of work that a law firm offers. We highly encourage you to use Google My Business to collect reviews because you can then integrate those reviews into your website. Display your reviews so clients can learn more about your firm and know they are reading honest thoughts from a trusted source.

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We’ve worked with hundreds of clients to design websites that engage their ideal customers and promote their messages. If you’re unsure of where to start with your law firm website design, don’t hesitate to call us! We’ll combine your wants and needs for a website with our experience to build a website that blows customers away.