Adding Rotating Testimonials to WordPress Tutorial

Adding rotating testimonials to your website is a great way to display how qualified and credible your business is. One reason why the rotating feature is great is because it can make it more likely the user will see a testimonial that addresses what they are looking for or even better, they see a person or company name that they recognize.

For example, on my site, if I had a potential hair salon customer on my web design page and the testimonials are rotating on the right, then I know that eventually one of my testimonials from a hair salon customer will be displayed and that there is a good chance that new customer may see that endorsement. To learn how to add rotating testimonials to your wordpress site, check out this tutorial:

Table of Contents:

  • Install the plugin: 0:30
  • Add testimonials: 1:04
  • Add them to your sidebar: 2:35
  • Add them to your page: 3:43

Search “Testimonials Widget” or download here: