Candy Web Design for Huckleberry’s Candies

Huckleberry’s Candies is a New Hampshire candy shop that offers chocolate, candy, holiday-themed candies, gifts, and more! They reached out to us looking for a candy website design that would showcase their fun, vibrant business, while also bringing convenience to their customers when shopping. We added a variety of features to their website that would make shopping easy. The WooCommerce web design for Huckleberry’s Candies is also mobile responsive so when you’re on mobile, everything on the website stacks nicely so none of the look or information is sacrificed for a smaller screen.

When Huckleberry’s Candies came to us looking for a new e-commerce website, we were excited to bring their vision to life. For more than a decade, we’ve had the opportunity to transform and build websites not only for shops like Huckleberry’s Candies, but businesses in the non-profit sector, law firms, restaurants, and many more. Get a glimpse into some of the work we do for our clients below, and contact us when you’re ready for a new website that will drive results.   

Scrollable Categories

For the WooCommerce web design for Huckleberry’s Candies, we created scrollable e-commerce categories featuring candy, chocolate, celebrations, and holidays. The scrollable feature helps ensure the website’s responsiveness when visitors are using it from their phones. This gives customers the convenient ability to filter their search. We also brought the branding from their logo into the categories; when you hover over a category, the green from their logo will appear.  

Trending Products

We added a section for their trending products that Huckleberry’s Candies can change as they receive new inventory or as the seasons change. This way they can make small updates to their site that will keep them on trend with the seasons. When you click on an item, it brings you to its webpage to choose your desired quantity by weight, along with recommending similar products to add to your cart.  

Customer Reviews

As you scroll to the bottom of the website, we created a section on the homepage for reviews, where they automatically funnel in as they’re approved. We recommend implementing a review section for all local businesses; it’s an easy way to show new customers that you’re a reliable business that’s been backed by other locals. We do this through a Google My Business profile that allows people to leave your company reviews right on Google. The benefits of Google My Business are truly endless; they’ll help you claim real estate on Google against your competitors. A strong profile will lead customers to leave reviews, and potential customers to read them and shop your store. 

Search Capabilities 

We wanted to add a search bar to the web design for Huckleberry’s Candies at the top of the page so that it’d be easy to find what you’re looking for on the website. When you type in a candy or holiday, your screen will fill with options that are tagged in those categories. There’s also a mega menu that folds into a hamburger menu when on mobile. This menu is filled with a variety of categories to shop from that open up into dropdowns with even more specific sections. 

WooCommerce Website Features

When designing this candy website design, we knew how important the e-commerce functionality would be. We wanted to use the most efficient e-commerce platform that would fit their product catalog, which is why we chose WooCommerce. WooCommerce not only works as a plug-in on WordPress but it offers a seamless checkout experience for customers. We wanted customers to enjoy their online browsing and checkout, so we customized their experience with plug-ins. Other features & plug-ins we used included:

  • We instilled payment integrations with Apple Pay since it has become such a popular payment option for customers. 
  • Fast Cart Plugin: We used this plugin to streamline the checkout process without having to reload to the cart and checkout pages.
  • Custom Chocolate Products: Customers can make their own chocolate assortments and choose from a variety of options.
  • Delivery Date Picker: This feature allows customers to choose the date of their delivery when they checkout, which can be seen below. 

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