Captcha WordPress Plugin – Adding a CAPTCHA with WP-reCAPTCHA Tutorial

We all work very hard on our blogs to produce new and valuable information so it’s counterproductive to constantly spend time sorting through dozens of spam comments to make sure that we respond to and approve the real ones. A common remedy for this problem is to install a CAPTCHA box in the comments section of your blog. These are those tricky codes that we have all seen on many other sites which essentially determine if you are human or some kind of spam bot. The problem with many of the captcha plugins available is that they just don’t look very good and sometimes, they are so confusing that even a human would have a lot of trouble solving them. Since we do not want people to shy away from commenting, we need to integrate a solution that will block the spam but not our audience. In this wordpress tutorial, I will demonstrate how to add a CAPTCHA to the comments section of your WordPress blog that looks professional and offers your website users the option to try new codes if the one presented is to difficult.

Table of Contents:

  • Install the plugin: 1:40
  • Get API Key: 2:21

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