How to Choose which Social Media Accounts are Right for Your Business

Social media is the new marketing. With the popularity of inbound (content) marketing, social media is a great tool got getting your content to your target audience. That’s all well and good, but which channel should you use?


Facebook is at the top of everyone’s list- 58% of American adults are on it. Providing quality content on a regularly puts you on your target audience’s News Feed on a daily basis and Facebook Ads have a high return rate.


Social Media Word Concept

Studies show that visual content is 40x more likely to be shared than text content. If you have a lot of visually appealing ads and photos, this will be a platform to consider.


Twitter is most popular with the Millennial and younger crowd (< 34), but many businesses are using it to keep up with current trends in their markets. Twitter is also a great way to keep in touch one-on-one with customers that may have a question or concern.


This platform is particularly effective for B2B enterprises, as it is essentially Facebook for professionals. Business catering to higher-end clients may also benefit from customers with higher levels of discretionary income in LinkedIn.

Keep in mind, the key to using any social media platform effectively is to update often with interesting and unique content! Social media is useless if you are only on it occasionally. Make use of applications like Hootsuite, Buffer, or Hubspot to manage social media posts so that you aren’t spending time out of every day posting to your chosen social media networks.

Analytics is also an important part of Social Media marketing. Knowing which platforms, posts, times to post are the performing the best will allow to tailor your plan for maximum exposure and ROI.