Facebook Like Box Widget WordPress Tutorial

If you are using Facebook for your business you probably know all too well that gaining Facebook fans is a true challenge. One of the best ways to gain new likes is through your very own website. In order to allow your visitors to like your Facebook page right from your site, you need to have a Facebook like box embedded somewhere on your site. This week’s tutorial will show you how to add this Facebook connection to your sidebars/widgets. In addition, you will have the option to show your page’s activity and the faces of some of the people that already like your page. Even better, if the visitor’s friend’s already like your page, they will see those faces when viewing the site which will increase the chance they will like it as well!

Table of Contents:

  • Install the plugin: 1:22
  • Add it to your sidebar: 2:25
  • Customizing your options: 2:40 on

Search “Facebook Like Box” or download here:
Facebook Like Box Widget WordPress