How to Add a Feedburner Email Subscription Widget in WordPress

By now, many of us have a general newsletter that we send on a consistent basis. The problem is that, most of the time, we write blog posts much more often than we send out these fancy newsletters. Since we shouldn’t have to manually send out an email every time we post there are applications like Feedburner that will do the work for you and let all of your subscribers know about your most recent blog posts automatically. This tutorial will show you how to add a Feedburner widget to your sidebar so that people can sign up for email notifications about new blog posts on your site:

Table of Contents:

  • Go to 1:48
  • Get your blog feed: 2:04
  • Add it to feedburner: 2:24
  • Set feed title: 2:34
  • Get embed code: 3:18
  • Add code to a text widget: 3:58
  • Set delivery time for your notifications: 6:30

You will need a Google Account to do this. You can log into Feedburner here: