How to Add A Slideshow to Any WordPress Page

In this wordpress tutorial, I will demonstrate how to add a slideshow to any wordpress page using the meteor slides plugin. This plugin is great because, since it is not flash, it will work on the iPhone and iPad.

Table of Contents:

  • Adding the plugin: 0:40
  • Create your slideshows: 1:10
  • Adjust your initial settings: 2:00
  • Add images to the slideshows: 3:20
  • Adding a slideshow to a page: 5:33
  • Adjusting the size of the slideshows: 6:40


Default size:
[meteor_slideshow slideshow=”slide-show-name”]

Defined Size:
[meteor_slideshow slideshow=”slide-show-name” metadata=”height: 200, width: 300″] or search “Meteor Slides”