How to – Tabbed Widget WordPress Sidebar

Ever want to add more widgets to your sidebar but couldnt because you just don’t have the real estate available because you already have the most important ones added? There is a solution! You can add a tabbed widget so that the user is exposed to a little more and can choose which they want to see. A common example is whether or not to put in a signup for your newsletter or your blog. A lot of the time, it can be a tough choice but if you use the tabbed widget, you will be able to have both. Just make the title for each and then the user can enter their email into the form of their choice. In this video, I will demonstrate how to use the Tabber Tabs Widget plugin to create a tabbed widget wordpress sidebar.

Table of contents:

  • Install the plugin: 0:40
  • Setup the widgets: 1:30

Search “Tabber Tabs Widget” or download here: