The Importance of Backup Plugins

If you want to ensure that your website remains fully optimized and secure, backing up via plugins is the only way to go. Oftentimes, WordPress website users neglect backing up their website, which always leads to a plethora of issues for your site. Adding backup plugins to your website adds an extra layer of protection for your site, as well as giving you the peace of mind knowing your website is secure. The process of building a website takes an exuberant amount of creative effort, and losing all that work can be extremely deflating. Implementing backup plugins into your website is an integral aspect of the web design process, which cannot be taken lightly due to the consequences it can create if not done at all. The foundational importance of backup plugins for your website is that it ensures that your website will remain safe, even in the unlikely scenario it crashes.

 Mistakes Can Happen

One of the primary reasons why backup plugins are so integral to the website design process is that, no matter how experienced or careful you are mistakes can still happen. Mistakes unfortunately can lead to your website losing vital information which can in turn lead to your website not functioning properly. The wrong files on WordPress can get overwritten or deleted if you neglect backing up your website via plugins. Plugins that backup your website are your security blanket in case the worst does happen.

Your Website can be Corrupted

WordPress is one of the most popular content management systems for creating websites and building content. The sheer popularity of WordPress makes it a very prevalent entity to be targeted by spammers and hackers. Backup plugins are an incredible tool to use in order to maintain your content and ensure the integrity of your website will remain safe. A frequent procedure that website hackers use is to overwrite your files with their own code which allows them to use your site to spam others, which in turn will get your site blacklisted by spam monitors. A way to help prevent this, is by updating your backup plugins frequently, which will help avert spammers from gaining access to your site.

Server Outages

Server outages can and do happen, although it is not very frequent fortunately. No hosting company can promise complete reliability, due to exterior factors that can cause their servers to go down. When this happens, your website can be totally lost. Unless of course you have enabled backup plugins to maintain your website in the unlikely event the servers fail. Backup plugins are your lifeline in this scenario, because they are the one thing that keeps your website safe and secure.

The importance of backup plugins, in regards to building your website, is about as important as the oxygen we breath. There are several different plugins which we recommend in order to keep your website safe. BackupBuddy, Up Draft, and Blog Bolt are three great plugins you should be using to back up the content on your website. At Compete Now, we not only practice backing up every site we build, but also, we offer website maintenance for your website as well. As previously mentioned, your website can still be vulnerable to hacking if you neglect backups or don’t update said backups. We can take the stress of this concept away by being the property managers of your website! To learn more, check out our website or give us a call at 617-539-6528.