What Makes a Good Library Website

There are some simple ways to elevate your library website from any old website to a good library website. Each town has its own library, so make sure yours is good with these tips.

Use Straightforward Navigation Options

good library website navigation options

Some website users rely heavily on your website’s main navigation menu. A good library website prioritizes organizing services and library offerings into clear categories. Examples from library websites we have designed, like Tyngsborough Public Libary, are main navigation menus including “Books & More”, “Digital”, “Services”, “Calendar”, “Youth”, “About”, and “Hours & Contact”. These options clearly explain what may be housed underneath and allow library website users to easily and quickly find what they need.

Create a Space for Youth

good library website kids and teens youth space

Adults aren’t the only ones accessing a library website or utilizing a library’s services. Having a page for kids and teens can help open their eyes to all their local library offers. This page can house any new arrivals for youth readers, information about youth-focused areas in the library, and events exclusively held for kids and teens. Ensure all of your youth-accessible services are showcased clearly on your library website as we did in our recent website redesign for Walpole Public Library.

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Organize Information by Resource Type

good library website resource types

We all know libraries are expansive resource centers. A good library website will showcase those resources by type. An example is Hinsdale Public Library, whose website’s main navigation and main header include its services, digital library, and research resources. The services are then broken up into viewing by audience or by service. The digital library is then broken up into viewing digital media or digital newspapers. These options allow website users to choose what is best for them.

Include Community Resources and Information

good library website community resource area

A library website is a perfect place to share community resources and information. Community pages can include links to town resources such as recreational organizations, arts organizations, and emergency information. This page can also be beneficial in sharing local history, which visitors may not have otherwise known. It is a good reminder of the library’s mission and expansiveness of learning. The Newbury Public Library website we redesigned is a great example of a community page on a good library website.

Allow Library Members to Book Spaces

good library website room reservations

Your library may have spaces like conference rooms, experiment rooms, or a computer lab that requires reservations. Walpole Public Library allows members to reserve meeting spaces and study rooms. Having spaces available for reservation may make library members more likely to come to the library as they are guaranteed a quiet space to work. This feature can work for libraries in multiple capacities, even if you want to allow 2 public computers to be reserved while the rest are for walk-in users. Consider using a similar feature on your library’s website!

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