WordPress 3.5 New Features Highlights

Yup. WordPress just got that much better! Last week, WordPress rolled out an update which featured some new features that have users all over the world buzzing. In this post and video, I will quickly highlight a sampling of the most relevant features that anyone involved with WordPress should know about.

1. New 2012 theme

  • Nice simplistic, wider layout
  • Drop down menus integrated
  • Optimized for mobile
  • Easy to use back-end theme options for customization
  • Widgetized homepage

2. Media Upload

  • Updated design makes everything look better
  • Image editing! You can now crop, resize and rotate images within wordpress, amazing I know.

3. Editor Design Updated

  • When adding media, everything is much smoother with new retina displays

4. Obeds

  • You can embed videos just by pasting the link url as text within the visual editor. Forget about embed codes!

This is a video discussing some of the updates:

More details about how to edit images in wordpress: