When you need your website to reach a global market, it has to be optimized in multiple languages. Compete Now partners with trusted language services company, Language Connections, to ensure that your customized website translation or website localization project is effective, accurate, quick and cost-effective. Our service translates your website into the target language, adapting measuring systems, correct page layout for right-to-left writing systems, images and sound for the target audience.  We also ensure that we retain your corporate identity and values, even as we localize your website, ensuring it reflects language and cultural preferences in content, images, and overall design.

Our services extend to:

  • Written Website Content
  • Videos
  • Charts and Diagrams
  • Interactive Features
  • Images and Graphics

Website translation projects are highly complex. Work with Compete Now and Language Connections to get it done right. All you have to do is choose the approach that works for you, and we’ll take care of the rest.  Please call us at 617-539-6528 or email info@competenow.biz to learn more and get on our schedule!