How Polls Work on Websites

Have you ever visited a website and been asked to share your feedback in a short survey? Website polls are a great tool for collecting customer feedback. Today, we’ll discuss why website polls are so effective and how you can use one to improve your business. 

What Is a Website Poll

A website poll is a questionnaire that is shown to either all visitors to a website, or to selected visitors. These surveys usually ask the user for their opinion about a topic by gathering qualitative data, quantitative data, or both. 

What Are Website Polls Used For

There are a wide range of ways that a website poll can be used. Here are some examples:

Feedback on New Website 

At Compete Now, we offer website design services to organizations. We often add polls to websites after the website has been launched to collect user feedback about the website. One of the things that people don’t think about when building a website is that it’s helpful to collect feedback post launch. This feedback helps us to know which parts of the website people are finding easy to use, and which parts may need minor adjustments. We then collaborate with the organization by using the feedback to make small tweaks to the website. Setting up a poll is an effective last step in the website design process because it takes user feedback of the new website into account. 

Does your website need a redesign? We understand that all businesses are unique and we can help you create a website that is focused on reaching your company’s goals. Get started today. 

Customer Service Evaluation 

Many websites have live chat support that is designed to help visitors use the website or convert. After support conversations end, you can set up a quick poll to evaluate the customer experience. These polls can help you to see how well the live chat support agent performed and if there are ways to improve the customer service process. Using polls in this way can increase customer experience and conversions. 

Collecting Feedback Before A Website Redesign

Using a poll before beginning a web redesign process can help you find areas that should be improved upon for the new website. By partaking in this process, you can usually identify which areas people are struggling to find and then incorporate those findings into the sitemap and layout for the new website.

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Gather Feedback on Products, Blogs and More

You can do so by adding interactive surveys to your website for collecting feedback from customers. For example, you can add a short survey asking if customers found the content helpful or if they are looking for something more in-depth or something else specific. For e-commerce, you can focus on asking questions about product types, sizes, colors, options that they may be interested in. The photo above from an article by provides an example of a quick product survey that New Balance gave.  

The Different Types of Survey Research

According to SurveyMonkey, there are three main types of survey research:

1. Exploratory Research

This type of research helps you to consider new concepts and ideas. It usually consists of open-ended questions that are qualitative and not measurable. Exploratory research can help to shed light on problems that need to be fixed or give you ideas on things to improve. 

2. Descriptive Research 

Most surveys fall under this category. It is prepared and organized in advance so that demographic statistics may be drawn from the data obtained. Descriptive research is usually conducted in the form of multiple choice questions.

3. Causal Research

Causal research focuses on finding out the cause and effect of something and the relationships between variables. As with descriptive research, the results are considered conclusive. 

When setting up a poll, ask yourself what you are looking to discover and then decide which type of research would best help you to answer that question.

What Are the Benefits of Website Polls

Website polls can help your business immensely. Some of the advantages include:

  • Receiving instant feedback
  • Hearing honest opinions 
  • Reaching your organization’s audience
  • Polls are easy to set up and easy for users to complete

Polls are an excellent way to improve your business and your website. Check out our blog on Tips for Making Your Site the Best Website Possible for more ideas.

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How Do Polls On Websites Work 

Setting up polls on websites is simple! You can use a third party tool to do so. Once the third party tool is set up, you can easily input the question and answer options that you’d like to include. If you would like assistance, our team would be happy to help you set up a poll on your website. Click here or call 617-539-6528 to get in touch with us! 

Which Tools for Polling Are The Best

There are many tools for polling to choose from, but these are some of the most popular options:

Unless you are experienced in working with websites, we recommend having a website team help you with this process. Feel free to get in touch with us if you’d like assistance with setting up a poll on your website. 

Interested In Adding A Poll To Your Website?

Adding a poll to your website can help you to collect invaluable data in order to get to know your customer or website visitor better. These insights can be used to improve your organization and work more effectively towards your goals. Don’t hesitate to contact our team if you are interested in having a poll added to your website, or if you would like to have your website redesigned.