How to Set a Specific Blog Page In WordPress & How to Login

In this video, we will discuss a little about why you should set a blog page in WordPress and also how to do it. Table of Contents: Why you should: 0:40 Determining your Situation: 2:10 Creating the Blog Page: 2:59 Creating a Static Homepage: 3:39 Setting the pages: 4:30 Review: 5:25 In this video, I… Read more »

How to add a YouTube Video to WordPress/Editor Walk-Through

WordPress Visual Editor Icons Walk Through In this video, we will do a quick walk-through of all the icons in the WordPress visual editor. How to add a YouTube video to WordPress In this video, I will demonstrate how to add a YouTube video to your WordPress website.   Table of Contents: How to add… Read more »

Foursquare : Who’s checking in with you?

Over the past two years Foursquare has been growing at an incredible pace and at the beginning of this year it reached over 6 million users. It is an amazing addition to the world of social media allowing consumers to share with their friends via Facebook or Foursquare what they like to do, where they… Read more »

Google Plus

So last week I wrote a post about the Google +1 button and how it was their response to Facebook’s “Like” button, but this week all the hype is about Google’s new announcement; the Google + Project, which is their response to Facebook’s… um…  well… Facebook. And it’s looking like the first social media platform… Read more »

Google +1, The Plus One button and Why Your Website Needs It!

Despite all the weird and wonderful things announced at this year’s Google I/O conference, one of the ideas that’s getting the most buzz this summer is the Google +1 button. What some are calling an answer to Facebook’s ever popular “like” button, the plus one button serves a similar purpose, however holding the Google name… Read more »

Website Re-Design Series – Early Investors

We recently finished a website for a fantastic organization called Early Investors.  Early Investors Inc., a nonprofit 501 (c) (3) organization, and is committed to fostering comprehensive financial education in young adults in Massachusetts by instilling the importance of financial education, asset-building and wealth management.  While working with the Executive Director, Nislo, we formulated a… Read more »

What Can Twitter Do For Your Business

If you’re anything like me, you probably think or at least used to think that twitter is one of the following things: One it’s pointless, why do I need to constantly send out what seem to be the equivalent of status updates? Two, there’s no way twitter can benefit my business besides spamming links to… Read more »

Who’s Hooting In HootSuite?

So I’m sure many of you have heard of the new site out there called and I’m sure nearly as many have simply passed it off as yet another social media platform or just another account to manage in an already cluttered drawer of complicated social media management tools. I admit after taking a… Read more »

What Is Affiliate Marketing? Is It For Me?

What is Affiliate Marketing? Affiliate marketing is a form of e-marketing where a company pays someone who offers a form of lead generation a defined percent or per order placed from that lead. Simply put, the affiliate, or lead generator, will normally post a link or banner ad on their website in exchange for a… Read more »

Online Coupons: Friend or Foe to Web Retailers?

There isn’t a human being on the face of this earth that wouldn’t mind saving roughly anywhere from 5-25% on his or her order every time they shopped online. Online retailers are well aware of this and tend to use coupon codes not only to reward frequent customers, but also to drive sales when they’re… Read more »

Yelp? We say YES.

Why? Great for the search engines (We have clients that generate 50% of their traffic from Yelp!) User reviews are priceless It’s Free! We all know that the cheapest and most effective lead generator is word-of-mouth. Well, on the internet, it’s called “word-of-mouse.”  And you know what; it’s having a significant impact on consumer purchasing… Read more »

What is web hosting? And how much does it cost?

Web hosting is real estate on the internet.  The larger your site is the more real estate it will need.  Variables like credit card processing and other complex features will also increase hosting costs.  Many small business sites only need basic hosting plans and too often they are paying ridiculous rates. Perfect example: I recently… Read more »