Why Do Websites Need Maintenance Checks Regularly?

Imagine a potential customer finding you on Google only to be redirected to a spam website because you were hacked. Or for them to not […]

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Effective Donation Page Examples for Non-Profits Trying to Fundraise

For non-profits, a donation page will be a primary source of donations. You want your donors to understand who they’re donating to, and why they […]

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Mobile Friendly Element Ideas For WordPress

When building a WordPress website, a business’s first instinct is to turn to their computer and view it from their desktop. But with over 4 […]

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Tips for Making your Website Easier to Read

Social media platforms like TikTok only have three seconds to grab a user’s attention. It’s proof that people want their information quick, concise, and informative, […]

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Before and After Website Homepage Examples

Our team at Compete Now has brought dozens of websites to companies that originally had blank, and unforgiving web designs that didn’t portray their heart […]

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effective community access tv website

What Makes an Effective Community Access TV Website

Community Access TV is an important medium for local communities to express themselves and share their stories. A Community Access TV website can help to […]

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tips for designing your community access tv website

Tips for Designing Your Community Access TV Website

Community Access TV is a valuable resource for local communities to share news, events, and programming that is not typically covered by mainstream media outlets. […]

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why you should hire a web designer

Why You Should Hire a Web Designer

Websites are essential to a company’s success because many potential clients and customers utilize them to learn about your company and services. While you have […]

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excellent community access tv websites

Examples of Excellent Community Access TV Websites

No matter your business’s category, having a well-designed website is essential for user experience. Creating a positive user experience is essential for the Community Access […]

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