Tips for Building an Intranet Website

If your business’s operations rely on your employees being able to collaborate and use company documents or review internal news, it’s possible you already have an intranet website in use. If not, you may not know what an intranet site is. An intranet site is a private portal that grants employees access to internal documents. It creates a convenient channel for employees to access company information and updates as soon as possible when trying to complete necessary tasks. This virtual hub will increase your employees’ workflow. 

At Compete Now, we’ve dedicated the past decade to helping businesses succeed by building websites that work towards their goals. Using an intranet website can help your business’s operations. Give us a call when you’re ready for a life-changing intranet system. In the meantime, let’s review our professional tips for building an intranet website.

Search Capability 

Depending on how much content you want in your intranet website, a search capability could be very beneficial for your employees. Many employees work better with the ability to search for something, rather than digging through a menu or dropdown. For example, if you’re putting employee resources in the database like documents, news, PTO, etc., implement a search capability and various keywords employees may use when searching for those resources. That way, there are no complications with finding information. 

Prioritize Information Architecture (AKA: Organization)

We recommend implementing a search capability because it will help guarantee employee experience. The same goes for information architecture; you need to prioritize the structure and organization of the information on your intranet above everything else. If your intranet website is not easy to navigate, then this portal will serve no purpose, because employees will opt for reaching out to their colleagues for info instead.

Choose a Reliable Cloud Provider

Something people don’t think about when building a website, especially an intranet website, is security threats. It’s common to overlook security issues because this is a private network for your employees. However, cybercrime and ransomware will always be an issue you need to be aware of when running your business. In order to stay on top of this problem, choose your cloud provider wisely. Your cloud provider will be responsible for security features and protecting your intranet. 

Make it Mobile-Friendly

We live in a work environment where employees not only use desktops when working but also tablets and phones. If they get a work email outside of work and only have their phone on them, they should have the ability to use the intranet without losing functionality. Make sure your employees are able to access the intranet through their phones by making your site mobile-responsive. Some companies go even a step further by using an intranet with a dedicated mobile app.

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Make the Website Interactive

It’s important that you make your intranet interactive so that employees actually take advantage of the platform. Fortunately, there are multiple ways you can make your intranet an engaging place for your employees. A popular way to get employees to interact is by adding a message board to the website where members can comment and post updates, acting as a company social media platform. You can also add a section on the homepage to highlight recent news where employees can submit news. The administrator would then approve the post before it goes up on the website. If your company hosts and attends numerous events, consider posting a calendar to the website including important dates and company outings. 

Create Groups Based on Department

If you’re managing a large group of employees with a variety of industries, it could be helpful for them to create groups on the intranet. For instance, if you had a marketing department, the intranet marketing group would include all documents and news relating to marketing that a marketing employee would require. This would act as an employee’s go-to channel in order to make usability easier. 

Get Feedback from Your Employees!

The purpose of implementing an intranet website in your company is to benefit the workflow and efficiency of your employees. But that’s only going to happen if your employees are having a beneficial experience with the intranet. If the majority of your employees are not using the intranet, then most of your office is not seeing what’s being uploaded there, like important news updates. Speak with your employees to find out if they find the intranet easy to navigate, if the platform feels modern, or if they feel like an important feature is missing.        

Integrate with Microsoft 365

Integrating the Microsoft 365 plugin into your intranet will provide you with numerous features to make your platform user-friendly for your employees. For instance, the plugin grants users Single Sign-On usage, allowing users to conveniently sign in with their Microsoft accounts. The 365 plugin also gives you access to SharePoint Folders, which allows employees to access files directly on the intranet. There’s also an option to create a directory with Microsoft Azure, so you can search employees directly on the intranet, viewing their headshots, contact information, and department. Users will automatically sync with Azure, so the directory will always be up to date.

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