How to Make an Effective Nonprofit About Us Page

At Compete Now, we’ve worked with various non-profits to design engaging, informative websites. A professionally designed nonprofit website can open doors to volunteers and interested donors, meaning more support and awareness of your work. This comes from emphasizing your mission through your nonprofit About Us page.

A nonprofit About Us page should include a number of topics in order to pull in a reader and make them interested in your mission. This is an important aspect of a nonprofit’s promotional efforts, which is why we work with clients to create effective About Us pages. A good About Us page can increase visibility and win your readers over. Contact us for reliable web design services that will help you reach your organization’s goals. Until then, learn how to make an effective nonprofit About Us page below.

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Mission and Purpose

The most promising way to begin your nonprofit About Us page is to talk about the purpose of your nonprofit. Consider why your nonprofit exists, what your nonprofit strives to do, and how your nonprofit works towards its goals. We worked with Health Equity Compact to create the following About Us page, which illustrates their vision and mission as a nonprofit. We added a short blurb at the top of the page to give readers some background before learning about their mission to eliminate systemic barriers in the healthcare industry. We recommend keeping the background section informative but also short, in order to maintain interest and encourage readers to scroll further down. 

Core Values

Many companies are known for their core values, like Patagonia. Patagonia, the outdoor clothing company, is famously recognized as an environmentally-conscious business that values the planet, and is taking the climate crisis head-on. Sharing your core values can provide an automatic connection between you and the reader when you share the same values. In Patagonia’s case, they create connections with consumers who care about the environment. A nonprofit client of ours, LUK, has numerous core values that center around inclusivity. We added their core values to both the About Page and the homepage. We stacked them in a colorful flag to promote their love for diversity and catch the attention of viewers.. When you hover over a core value, a definition appears to provide clarity on the topic. 


If you have a team that’s working behind the scenes, share it on your About Us page! Show readers the hardworking faces that carry out your organization’s mission on a daily basis. This can create trust because you’re allowing readers to get to know you. With the nonprofit About Us page we created for Community Teamwork, we provided a picture of each team member, along with their job description. If you click on their photo, you can even see more of each person’s background information.

Annual Reports

Trust is vital to forming a relationship with your readers, especially if you’re hoping that they will volunteer or donate. An easy way to build trust is by sharing your financial reports. When we designed Community Teamwork’s website, we implemented a section on their About page for their annual reports so they could remain transparent with the public.


Adding a History section to your nonprofit About Us page can demonstrate how much work your nonprofit has done in order to move towards its goals. You can use a timeline to emphasize your story and display the achievements your nonprofit has accomplished. New England Culinary Art Training (NECAT) has an extensive history, so we designed a vertical timeline on their About Us page that grows as you scroll. This allows you to learn about their important milestones in a way that is not visually overwhelming. 


A major goal of nonprofits is to increase donations. However, once you receive those donations, it’s important that you show your appreciation for those who donate. This is especially the case for continuous and high-contributing donors. When designing the Boston Healthcare for the Homeless Program (BHCHP) website, we displayed the logos of the organizations that submitted large donations to showcase BHCHP’s gratitude.   

Does Your Nonprofit Need an About Us Page?

Compete Now has developed hundreds of websites and worked with numerous nonprofits to create websites that represent their vision and work towards achieving their mission. Our team of professional web designers and marketers understand the work ethic nonprofits have and the need for an effective website. Contact us for a free consultation to get started with our team!