The Pages on a Website Web Designers Recommend

Something people don’t think about when building a website is the pages it should have. The pages on your website will determine how functional and resourceful your website is for customers. For instance, if you don’t have a contact page, how are your customers supposed to reach out with questions? If you’re lacking pages like these, it can make your website hard to navigate.

Our team of professional web designers at Compete Now prioritizes both design and functionality when we build custom websites for clients. We work with you to understand the look you want for your website and we combine that with our experience in web design to create a custom website that fits your business. Contact us today to get started! Now, let’s discuss the pages on a website that web designers recommend having. 


You can’t have a website without a homepage! Your homepage will serve as the first impression you make on clients, so it needs to get you off on the right foot. Your homepage is one of the pages on your website that tells customers what you do. It should use relevant web design and branding. Here is the homepage that we created for Community Teamwork, a non-profit organization located in Lowell, MA: 

We featured their logo and brand colors throughout the page, showcasing high-quality photos in a slider. Layered above the slider, we included a search box that allows users to find programs based on their needs without having to go to another page. We also added a Donate Call to Action button in the top left of the navigation bar to promote their fundraising efforts, a feature we add to many of our non-profit websites. We recommend adding features like Call to Action buttons and high-quality photos on your homepage to drive results and provide customers with a positive user experience. Check out some of our before and after homepages for more examples of effective homepages we’ve created. 

About Page

An About page gives your business the opportunity to introduce themselves on a personal level. It allows you to humanize the business by featuring the people and purpose behind the service/product being sold. Include team pictures, company milestones, values, and the story behind the business. When we created the About page for Woodman’s of Essex, they wanted to focus on the story behind their business, which you can preview below.

We included subsections, like Awards, Press, and Local Activities, on their About Page that encourage customers to learn more about the New England seafood restaurant. When we create About pages for our clients, we include attributes that amplify the business’s message. For Woodman’s, sharing how fried clams were invented made sense for their page because fried clams are one of their customer favorites. Other popular sections to feature on about pages include: company team, core values, and history.

Contact Page

Every business should have a clear and easy-to-use contact page that invites customers to reach out. Providing customers with a phone number or email to get in touch with you allows them to ask questions before they buy from your business. Consider adding your mailing address, social media links, and business hours as well. The contact page should appear on the far right in the main navigation menu. We highly recommend implementing a contact form for a positive user experience. Here is the contact page that we created for Health Equity Compact:

As you can see, we included a simple contact form and HEC’s email address to give viewers multiple ways to get in touch with their team. 

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A Main Product or Service Page

You need a website page to display your products and services. If you have more than one product, offer product categories on your main product page that link to separate pages for each product category. If you offer multiple services, link to separate service pages from the main service page. This approach will help viewers quickly find what they are looking for and move forward. It is also valuable to have your product categories and services broken out into separate pages for organic search ranking purposes. This approach will help you optimize each page for specific relevant keywords and increase each page’s chance of ranking organically for that specific product category or service. We did this for Loot Rentals, an event rental company, by including their event furniture rental categories on their main product page: 

You’ll see that each category links to a specific page dedicated to that category. 


The key to creating a loyal customer base is building trust between you and potential customers. Provide a space on your website for users to read about your business from past and current customers. This will allow users to learn about your business from the perspective of the buyer, which can encourage them to convert. You can use anything from Google My Business to Clutch to Facebook to collect reviews from your customers. From there, you can either hand pick certain reviews to display on your website, or have a plugin added to your website that automatically feeds in your latest review. At Compete Now, we have both Clutch and Google reviews automatically feeding into our testimonials page:

One of the benefits of having reviews automatically feed onto your testimonials page is that it shows a high level of transparency since you are not filtering for certain reviews. Many clients opt to copy and paste their favorite reviews, or reviews that focus on specific, relevant aspects of their business, however, and that approach is effective as well! 

FAQs Page

When you add an FAQs page to your website, you’re providing interested customers with quick answers to common questions. If a customer is looking for a simple question related to your service, they may not want to go out of their way to look for your email and reach out for an answer. That’s why we recommend an FAQs page. On this page you can compile your most frequently asked customer questions and provide answers in a way that’s easy for users to find. When we worked on IBA Evental Rentals’ website we included an FAQs page with their commonly received questions as seen below:

Since there were many questions to include, we organized them with accordion tabs so that the questions don’t overwhelm the user and are easy to scan.

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